Welcome to Naked Mountain!



Monday - Friday 11AM - 5PM

Friday - Sunday 11AM - 6PM

Wine Tastings

$10 for groups of 7 or fewer (does not include glass)

Includes a tasting of all current Naked Mountain releases

Groups of 8 or more, please see our Group Tasting policy below

Group Tastings

Reservations required - $15 per person (includes glass)

We require a reservation for groups of 8 or more throughout the year to ensure everyone has the best tasting experience possible.

A 50% deposit is required to hold the tasting time.

Weekend reservation times are 11:00AM, 12:00PM. and 1:00PM

Please call if your group is running more than 10 minutes behind schedule

Tasting slots are reserved for an hour - groups missing their tasting slot may forfeit their ability to taste at the discretion of the manager on duty

If you a bringing a bus, please make sure your transportation company is aware of our driveway limitations.